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Policy and Regulations

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From Jan. 2018, we are providing our service package which includes:

1、China Recovered Paper Weekly –in English providing real time price changes and monthly import data of consistently traded grades of recovered paper imported from USA, Europe, Japan and Chinese local collection in the China market.

2、China Paper Industry Annual Report in English, prepared by the China Paper Association in June each year and translated and released by us as authorized partner. The report spells out the China paper industry’s annual performance and the changes through such sections as production-consumption, key industry indicators, pulp production-consumption, imports-exports, consolidation, equity structure, production-sales of top-30 companies and environmental protection.

Subscription to the above package service is priced at USD800/year.


3、Other Customer-ordered Market Studies & Analysis www.chinapaperonline.com, through its parent company - PacificNet Holding Corporation - works with clients in China and the world on customer-ordered market studies and analysis focusing on such industry activities as investment, mergers & acquisition, company performance, production cost, technological advances and import & export.
Price: To be quoted after receipt of full inquiries.

4、Business center service Business center of www.chinapaperonline.com serves as a show room for industry and market players to promote and trade products and services. Users may post pictures, price, volume, delivery and all other related information to timely display their products and services. It is a low-cost, yet highly efficient interactive venue between suppliers and consumers. Price: To be quoted upon receipt of full inquiries.

Please contact: davidlee@chinapaperonline.com

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