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www.chinapaperonline.com - a bilingual industry web site - is owned and managed by PacificNet Holding Corporation.

www.chinapaperonline.com serves as an easy access, 24/7, high speed and low cost platform for forest and paper companies, trade firms and professionals to obtain market information and services. With rich industry knowledge and market expertise, the management team of www.chinapaperonline.com has strong customer networks and supports from the forest and paper industry in Asia, North America, Europe and other parts of the world.

Service and products of www.chinapaperonline.com include:

I. Information Center of www.chinapaperonline.com provides registered users with editorial and statistical information on production, technology, market, environment, government rules and regulations, laws on forest and paper industry in China and the world. It also provides online analysis and market studies for consulting needs in the industry’s investment, mergers and acquisition, etc. The center releases relevant information on industry forum and seminar as well.

II. Business center of www.chinapaperonline.com serves as an advertising platform for industry and market players to promote products and services. Registered users can post price, volume, delivery and all other related information to timely display their products and services. It is a low-cost and high efficient interactive venue between suppliers and consumers.

III. In addition to online and multi-client information, PacificNet Holding Corporation works with clients in China and the world on customer-ordered most current industry data, market analysis and study projects as part of the company’s consulting service for the industry activities.

  • In North America:
  • PacificNet Holding Corporation 11 Petrik Farm Road, Hillsborough, New Jersey 08844 USA
  • Tel/Fax:(908) 428 7051
  • E-mail: jlu@chinapaperonline.com
  • Contact person: Jimmy J. Lu

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