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Shanying Paper Aiming At 10 million/mtpy Capacity
2021-11-15 16:00chinapaperonline.com
Official reports from Suzhou of Anhui Province said Shanying International Holding Co., Ltd. launched construction of its 3.6 million/mtpy packaging paperboard project at the city's industrial zone on October 23rd. At the projected investment of RMB30 billion (including the RMB100 million earmarked for year 2021) and covering 200 hectares of land, the project will go through two phases. In Phase I, a 600,000/mtpy linerboard machine and three 400,000/mtpy corrugating medium machines will be installed and begin commercial runs in March 2024. And another linerboard machine and three corrugating medium machines at similar production capacity will be built in Phase II thereafter. It is expected that after completion, the project will generate RMB30 billion industrial output value and RMB1.65 billion tax revenue each year, and provide 5,000 jobs.

Shanying International Holding Co., Ltd., which originated from the Ma-An-shan Paper Mill, has overcome obstacles and forged ahead in the country's economic reform and opening up. Especially since its public listing at the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001, the company’s business has expanded rapidly, becoming a rising star in China's paper industry and one of the top-3 packaging paperboard production companies. By end-2020, Shanying International had investment in China, USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Japan and Thailand. Its assets included 3 industrial internet platforms, 11 industrial and specialty paper manufacturing bases, 40 packaging product customization facilities and 32 renewable resource recycling companies. In China alone, Shanying International had 6 million/mtpy actualized paper and board production capacity and was featured on the Fortune China 500 list for 6 consecutive years. In the first nine months of 2021, Shanying International produced 3.64 million/mt of paper and board. With more than 4.33 million/mt of paper and board sold at the same time, its production vs. sales ratio reached 118.92%!

Adding the company's ongoing construction of a 770,000/mtpy "green & environmentally friendly" high-end packaging paper upgrading project, Shanying's 1 million/mtpy prime linerboard expansion project in Guangdong, the 1 million/mtpy pulp and paper project at Phase I in Jilin and the newly launched 3.6 million/mtpy project in Suzhou, Anhui, Shanying International’s total paper and board capacity will exceed 10 million/mtpy by 2025. This will enable the company to become another super and international paperboard producer closely following Nine Dragons in China's paper industry.

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