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11th Lot of RCP Quota Released
2019-09-01 09:10chinapaperonline.com
(www.chinapaperonline.com) On August 14, Chinese authorities released the 11th lot of recyclable scrap import quota for the year. Among the total volume of 480,430 metric tons, there were 381,060 metric tons allocated to recovered paper importers.
Different from the previous granting practices which gave the lion’s share to the top-3 companies (Nine Dragons, Lee&man and Shanying Paper), this time nearly 38% of the recovered paper allocation were given to Liangsheng Paper of Foshan Province, while Nine Dragons getting only 115,700 metric tons, or 30.4% of the batch. Even so, Nine Dragons remains as the largest recipient of RCP import quota of the year, having secured more than 3.1 million metric tons from the overall RCP import permits of 10,307,085 metric tons handed out by the authorities so far. And 53% of the overall quota volume were in the hands of the top-3 paper companies in China – Nine Dragons, Lee&man and Shanying Paper!
Regardless of the available quota to be released in the balance of 2019, one thing is clear now that the top-3 paper companies are well ahead of all others in the industry either in fiber consumption or finished product production.

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