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2nd Lot of Recovered Paper Import Quota Released
2019-01-05 09:13chinapaperonline.com
Following the release of the first lot of recovered paper import quota of 5.03 million metric tons for 2019, the Chinese authorities quickly released the 2nd lot of quota. Though not as impressive in volume as the first lot, the 431,500 metric tons in the 2nd lot would benefit mid-size paper and board companies in China, including Longchen Paper (Wuxi) and Liansheng Paper (Fujian), to begin recovered paper sourcing overseas in January, prior to the start of Chinese New Year breaks from early February. Still, Nine Dragons is the No. 1 benefiter of the released quota so far, totaling 1.38 million metric tons, or 25.27% of the quota. Other large paper and board mills in China, including Lee&man, Shanying Paper, APP, Huatai Paper and Guangzhou Paper, also got significant volume of the quota.

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