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China to adopt green packaging standards in Sept.
2018-06-15 09:32Chinapaperonline
China will introduce new standards for the packaging used in express deliveries this September, hoping the new regulation may help the country tackle the rampant pollution from the disposal of conventional encasements.
The new standard sets a cap on DEHP, the plasticizer contained in each conventional plastic bag, and promotes the use of dissolvable material in order to reduce the solid plastic waste sometimes referred to as “white pollution.”
According to Jin Jinghua, the director general of the Department of Policies and Legal Affairs at the State Post Bureau, the new packaging can decompose into carbon dioxide, methane, water and mineralized inorganic salt in only six months, causing much less harm to the environment.
But the use of the eco-friendly materials means extra cost. According to the Beijing News, the dissolvable packaging from a factory in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, is priced at least 50 percent higher than conventional materials.
At the same time, Shao Zhonglin, the former deputy secretary-general of the China Express Association, said that the primary targets for the use of green packaging should be online merchants rather than express shipping companies.
In most cases, Shao explained, sellers have already packaged the items to be delivered by the time couriers receive the order.
Xu Yong, an industry analyst, echoed Shao, saying about 90 percent of packaging used in deliveries comes from online sellers.
In addition to the adoption of green packaging, recycling conventional packaging is still recommended, despite the reluctance many Chinese businesspeople have in practice.
According to the Beijing News, people have not yet gotten used to recycling delivery boxes, and express shipping companies have been puzzled over how to utilize second-hand packaging.
The experts agreed that the country should promote the use of green packaging to cut down on white pollution, as well as to reduce both the cost and consumption of natural resources such as paper and petroleum.
According to Jin, for each percentage-point increase in the use of green and recyclable packaging, 6,400 tons of paper-made products and 4,200 tons of petroleum are saved.
To better facilitate the economical use of packaging, Jin proposed a system of green credits, which could be used to blacklist those who violate the upcoming standards.
Source: China.org.cn

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