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Market Remains Calm On New RCP Import Quota
2020-01-13 11:12chinapaperonline.com
(www.chinapaperonline.com) In barely a week, Chinese authorities released the 2nd lot of recovered paper import quota. Adding 407,410 metric tons, the overall volume available so far for Chinese paper and board mills to source from overseas is only 3.18 million metric tons, -41.9% from the combined volume of the first two lots in 2019!

Without surprise, large paper and board producers got the chunk of the allocations. The difference among these producers though is that volume assigned to newsprint producers – Huatai Paper and Guangzhou Paper – will likely be a full year amount, while paperboard producers led by Nine Dragons, Lee&man and Shanying Paper, expecting to receive more allocations in the rest of the year. Market analysts do not anticipate total volume to the entire industry of the year to equal or even come close to that of 2019 however.

Now that mainstream mills have already taken or planned to take downtimes prior to the start of the Chinese New Year in early February, recovered paper demand is not very active, which allow Chinese mill buyers to maneuver their sourcing and even bargain on the price with RCP suppliers in North America, Europe and elsewhere in the meantime, as long as orders are placed and shipment can arrive in China before the end of February, mill sources said.

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