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RCP Price Hike Continues
2019-09-01 09:15chinapaperonline.com
(www.chinapaperonline.com) Since mid-August when a RMB50/tonne price rise for purchase of locally baled OCC was initiated by Qi-xiang Paper in upper China and quickly joined by 5 mainstream mills in Guangdong of South China, the efforts, the 2nd round in the year, are now echoed by mills in Eastern and Southern China, where the traditional box converting season for export packaging is kicking in.
By August 29th, Lee&man added RMB30/tonne to deliveries of local OCC to its Changshu Mill north of Shanghai, which lifted up the company’s payment of Class-A bales to RMB2,010/tonne and Class-B bales to RMB1,920/tonne. Nearby, Nine Dragons (Taicang) upheld its prices for deliveries of Class-A OCC at RMB1,940/tonne and Class-B at RMB1,900/tonne, regardless of its cut by RMB100/tonne for purchase of locally baled clean soft mixed. Shanying Paper (Ma-Anshan) in the region also paid RMB30/tonne more to secure deliveries of Class-A OCC at RMB2,020/ tonne and Class-B at RMB1,970/tonne, while keeping price unchanged for ONP, OMG, Old Books and sorted mixed. For its Zhejiang Mill south of Shanghai, the company also added RMB20/tonne for all grades and classes of recovered paper delivered to the mill.
In Southeast China, Nine Dragons (Quanzhou) paid RMB50/tonne more to deliveries of almost all grades and classes of locally baled recovered paper to the mill. This allowed price of Class-A OCC to RMB1,920/tonne and Class-B to RMB1,880/tonne. Also in the area, Liansheng Paper added RMB20/tonne in payment for deliveries of OCC to its mill to equal to that of Nine Dragons and other competitors from early August.
A RMB50/tonne rise in price of deliveries of locally baled OCC to mills in Guangdong, Southern China was installed by almost all large and mid-size mills including Nine Dragons, Lee&man, Jinzhou Paper and Jianhua Paper, in response to the traditionally high box converting season which required linerboard and medium producers to gear up production for export packaging demand. This enabled price of Class-A OCC to RMB1,960/tonne and Class-B at RMB1,890/tonne in the market. More market analysts concerned, however, that the high converting season this year could be short in view of the escalation of trade war between USA and China.

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