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The 2nd Largest Lot of Recovered Paper Imports Released
2019-08-02 09:10chinapaperonline.com
(www.chinapaperonline.com): China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) released the 10th lot of annual recovered paper import quota on July 10, 2019. At the amount of 1.69 million metric tons, this is the 2nd largest lot of recovered paper import allocation during the year for Chinese mill buyers who are relying on such materials to feed their machines largely built to run on recycled fiber. Though a little disappointed, Chinese paper and board mills are not surprised to declines in volume to 9.93 million metric tons since the release of the 1st lot – down by -21.33% from the same period of last year. In view of the ongoing government drive to protect and improve environment of the country, Chinese paper manufacturers, same as manufacturers in other industries, are cooperating to this national strategy and are prepared for a full year reduction of recovered paper import quota to less than 12 million metric tons.

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